Pre-term Labor

  • Incompetent cervix -- caring for it during pregnancy

    What causes an incompetent cervix? How is it treated? Are there risks to a cerclage? Learn these answers as a mom shares her experiences and research.

  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor About: Bed Rest

    If you've been prescribed to bed rest for your pregnancy, this brings all kinds of things into question. Here is a list to ask your healthcare provider.

  • Will I Carry to Term With Uterine Irritability


    Dear Midwife,
    My doctor told me I have uterine irritability. My cervix is not dilating and is long. She put me on Terbutaline though. Is this ok? It makes me feel a little anxious. I have cut down on my work hours and am trying to rest more too. I would like to carry to term, what are my chances?

  • Babies' First Bacteria Depend on Birthing Method

    The delivery methods of babies have potential implications for the health of infants as they grow and develop.

  • Single and pregnant? Don't panic

    By Missy Jaramillo

  • Can Dreams About Premature Birth Be a Warning?


    Dear Ms Ultrasound,
    I am 25 wks pregnant with my third child.

    This is my fourth pregnancy as I miscarried in between my son and daughter. When I was carrying each of them( even the one we weren't blessed enough to meet)I had the regular weird pregnancy dreams. Just things that do no make sense I had come accustomed to those.

  • False Labor or Preterm Labor? How to Know the Difference

    Is it false labor or preterm labor? Since preterm babies are at higher risk of needing hospitalization, having long-term health problems and dying, it is important for you to know and understand the difference.

  • Lavendar During pregnancy?


    Dear Midwife,
    I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and I find the only thing that helps me settle down at night is a bath.

    I was just wondering if I was to have a lavender bath, will it put me into pre-term labor or affect my baby in any way?

    Thanks for the help,

  • VBAC Scare Tactics: Big Baby, Big Problems

    Many women who want to have a vaginal birth after cesarean in the U.S. and elsewhere have faced some sort of opposition from their care providers when they have expressed their desire to VBAC. Oftentimes, this opposition comes in the form of "VBAC scare tactics."