Pre-term Labor

  • Incompetent cervix -- caring for it during pregnancy

    What causes an incompetent cervix? How is it treated? Are there risks to a cerclage? Learn these answers as a mom shares her experiences and research.

  • When to Call Your Provider

    Something going on in your pregnancy worrying you? Is it normal? Should you call your provider? Here is a list of warning signs that shouldn't be ignored.

  • Premature Deliveries: An Uphill Battle

    Prematurity is the biggest challenge a baby can face. The good news is that there are new methods of diagnosis that can identify women who are at risk and prolong their pregnancy as much as possible.

  • Lifetime Interview with Dr. Jones and Nurse Amanda from "One Born Every Minute"

    We recently had an exclusive opportunity to connect with Dr. Stuart Jones and one of his head nurses, Amanda Monaghan of "One Born Every Minute," on LifetimeTV. See what they have to say about the show and the families!

  • FDA-Approved Test Helps Women and Doctors Manage High-Risk Pregnancies

    While the goal is for every baby to be born healthy and at full term, the reality is premature birth, also known as preterm birth, is the number one obstetric problem and the number one cause of death for newborns in the United States.

  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor About: Braxton Hicks Contractions

    What kinds of questions should you ask your doctor about Braxton Hicks Contractions? We have some for you!

  • U.S. preterm births hit new low - still work to do!

    The March of Dimes just released the 2012 Premature Birth Report Card. The U.S. has hit a new 10 year low for preterm births -- a significant improvement now registering at 11.7%! Still, overall, the U.S. scores a "C" as we continue to have a high rate of preterm births comparatively. This is a clear indication of work to be done! Learn more of the resources available here at to help you and your baby with a healthy start!

  • Do Certain Foods Cause Contractions?

    After I eat any kind of carbohydrate I get really strong contractions and stomach pains. Is this okay?

  • Questions to Consider When Choosing a Birthing Location

    Choosing a birthing location can be scary, time-consuming and stressful. We've put together a list of questions to make it easier!

  • Is It Okay to Use Blue Cohosh? Follow up


    Dear Midwife,
    Oh, I am at 37 weeks now. I haven't gone against advice and have been on terbutaline for 10 weeks, now not taking it any longer. I have been having contractions 10-15 minutes apart for a week now and no one will do anything to help me out, so I was thinking of trying blue cohosh now that I'm at this point. Would it still be a bad idea?