Pregnancy Complications

Waiting Welton's

We got married. On Saturday September 4th 2010. It almost didn't happen. first of all... the day before was a VERY busy one. There was lots of running around, driving here and there, picking things up, ferrying out of town guests around, and just plain trying to get ready for the wedding.

High blood pressure during pregnancy (PRE ECLAMPSIA)

HI, last year i experienced pre eclampsia and i lost my baby, here's the whole details of the whole story. can any one share them their story to me? is it really common loosing your baby when you experienced pre eclampsia? until now i still feel uncomplete loosing my baby.heres the details.


I have to explain why I am so concerned about being pregnant. A couple days after my boyfriend and I broke up I wanted to start taking my medication for my skin, which causes birth defects. Just as precaution I took a pregnancy test... to my surprise it came out positive. (Monday 9th)

Later that night I had a negative test. He treated me like I made the whole thing up!

The next morning a negative test. (Tuesday 10th)

The nurse wanted me to come in for a blood pregnancy test. (Tuesday Afternoon)

Please help!!!

Please help! I went in for my first ultrsound last week, and the nurse called me and said I'm 16 weeks judging by the babies size, but my LMP was march 13th-16th, if I'm 16 weeks that would mean I got pregnant around april 15th, which is when I missed my first period. It doesn't make any sense! could something be wrong with the baby that would make him so small? Could I be further along than the doctor's think?