Pregnancy Complications

I had a miscarriage

March 12, I visited my obgyne to confirm my pregnancy test. She subjected me for ultrasound (Trans-vaginal), to check if there is a gestational development. Since I was only on my 4th week of pregnancy, it shows no gestational sac. The result shows that my uterus is irregularly enlarged with thickened endometrium which is consider an early pregnancy sign. Since I am staining then (brown blood coming out), she gave me Duphaston 10 mg to be taken twice a week for the next 10 days and required me for a bed rest.

Pregnancy and Stress

I have an extreme amount of stress in my job. Not just because I am military but because of the different situations I am involved in at work. I find that I am able to de-stress after I get home and away from the office but meanwhile I spend 9 hours a day being stressed and constantly upset. I know that stress can affect the baby but how much can it affect my pregnancy?