Pregnancy Complications

Ultrasound Shows Amniotic Band

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I am 20weeks pregnant. I had an ultrasound today and found a band (56*4mm) of amniotic membrane across the superolateral part of the gestational sac but not attached with any of fetal parts. All the organs of the baby are fine. I've had a previous D&C.

I've had a previous D&C. I am so afraid of that what will happen next.

Guys, Empathy and the First Trimester

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We are nine weeks pregnant and I feel like @#$#@. My husband doesn't get it. His attitude is that since I don't "look" pregnant then I shouldn't be complaining.

I'll be honest. Right now I AM a grouch after feeling exhausted, nauseous 24/7, and then trying to juggle my normal routine (at work and home.)

I don't expect him to make it better but can't a guy have SOME sympathy?

Grouchy in Maryland

Pelvic Rest: Getting Your Partner on Board

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I'm 12 weeks pregnant and experiencing some complications. I've been put on pelvic rest. How do I get my husband to understand that it means nothing can enter? The rest is till 13-14 weeks so there are another 1 -2 weeks yet.

I don't really have the interest in sex right now either. How can I convey that so he understands?


Our journey another time around

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We are about to travel down the path of trying to conceive again. We were eight weeks along when I miscarried on June 22nd. Prior to that, it took us six months to conceive. I have had a lot of issues with difficult and irregular cycles since I was a teenager. I was on the Depo shot and had an IUD to help with issues, so I of course had a lot of fear that we wouldn't be able to get pregnant. I know in the grand scheme of things, six months is not long at all, but those months put a lot of stress on us.

Possible Genital Warts during Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
I had a prenatal exam today where my doctor did a Group B Strep culture and told me that I had what looked like genital warts to her but that there was only one there.

As far as I know, it hasn't there when I've gone for PAP smears and this is the first time it was noticed. The last time she had me in for a PAP smear was way back in like February or March.

She asked me if I've noticed it or if my boyfriend has noticed it and neither one of us have. If either of us had noticed it, one of us would have said something.

Amniotic Bands

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,

I had my first scheduled ultrasound today at 16 wks. Everything else checked out fine...but I was told by the radiologist that I never formed an amniotic sac. I have amniotic bands instead. He told me it was something that needs to be monitored because as the baby grows, the bands can stretch and snap or the baby's limbs can become entangled.