Pregnant Dads

When Men Become Fathers

The opportunities for fathers to participate in the early years of their children's lives appear to be becoming more important to men today. Others express that given the opportunity to choose between potential career advancement or spending time with their children, being with their kids feel like the more creative option.

What Can We Do with the Placenta?

My wife is 8 months pregnant. We've done a lot of reading, taken childbirth and parenting classes, and we thought we were ready for anything. Then just the other day, a friend asked what we were planning to do with the baby's placenta. Frankly, the question had never even occurred to me or my wife. But now that we're thinking about it, it seems strange to just throw it out. Do you have any suggestions?

Natural Childbirth FAQ

The term "Natural Childbirth" is most widely used to describe a birth in which the mother labors without the use of pain medications or unnecessary interventions. The female body is designed to labor and give birth, and centuries of history attest to the fact that a natural birth usually results in a healthy mother and a healthy baby.

Lamaze Method of Childbirth

Lamaze emphasizes pain management through relaxation and breathing exercises. The belief is that a woman in labor is able to condition her responses to contractions through breathing and imagery to reduce her pain. Also, the class stresses education, preparation, and your role as an informed patient. Learn more...