Prenatal Checkups

I just found out I'm pregnant yesterday!

I just found out yesterday that I was pregnant. And the bloodwork just came back this morning so I talked to my doctor. And I am infact pregnant. Probably only a few weeks. Since this is the first time pregnancy for me, I'd like to know as much about what to expect, stories, everything on pregnancy. I have a few books including What to Expect When Expecting, i just want to know all different things from all aspects. I'm very excited and so is my fiance, but yet I'm also very nervous because all I can think about is the pain parts of pregnancy, espesially labor, and I'm not good with pain.

1st prenatal visit

squirrelface1's picture I had my 1st prenatal visit today. Ive had so many pregnancy tests in the past 2 weeks...don't they believe me when i TELL THEM?? i'm sure this is just the beginning of being frequently poked and prodded. sigh.

I'm concerned, my nausea and vomiting have been excessive for 5 weeks. The Doc did nothing to ease this concern. No ultrasound to assure me all is well...just blood work to check my hCG levels and to plant the idea of a molar pregnancy in my hypochondriac thought now i get to wait 48 hours to draw more blood and STILL NOT KNOW WHATS WRONG.

planned pregnancy.

Hi!I'm 19, 20 in October, I just married a month ago on valentines day and I think I'm pregnant. It was planned so its no surprise. The problem is that our families are in texas and he is stationed in camp pendleton, cali. His contract is up in June and our plans are to move to houston and attend college. Idk how I'm gonna be starting college and possibly giving birth! I'm pretty much an only child and not very familiar with babies but I'm so excited to be a mom and what makes me happier is that he is the dad. We dated for 6 years and married on valentines day of this year.

Tummy measuring bigger than normal

I went in for my 24 week check up last week and when my ob/gyn measured my tummy it measured in at 29 weeks. This is my second pregancy and my first pregnancy was naturally conceived faternal twins. I have had five ultrasounds and they all show one baby at normal size, but it has been feeling like twins since my fourth month. However, I've never been pregnant with just one so I don't know if what I am feeling is normal for one.



I took at at home pregnancy test March 3rd (actually, 10 home pregnancy test...all showed up positive in less than a minute!). I had a blood test done March 5th to confirm my pregnancy. My first ultrasound/obgyn appointment is March 25th at 9:15. I have so many different emotions going through my head right now it's hard to even sit down and concentrate long enough to write this entry!

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Is This Really a Miscarriage?

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Dear Midwife,
I am about 8 weeks pregnant on 02/23/. I had some minor bleeding during the day on 02/22/ and returned home for some rest. At 1830 I had a sharp cramp like pain and some bleeding. Cramping got a little worse and the MD on call suggested I went to the ER to be checked out.

At the ER we sat there for an hour and half before being seen. I had yet to soak through a pad. Cramping had near enough stopped and was thinking about going home when they called us back.