Preparing for Baby

So it's offical

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Well I found out today that my "best friend" Is pregnant.
Now Im not quite sure how too handle this. I am not going too leave her side, but where do I go from here?? I mean I know that I am goning too man up and help her out with anything I can do for her. I am just nervous. With me leaving for deployment and all it's going too make things so much tougher for the both of us. Anyone have any advice??

So I am happy otherwise ^_^

pregnant and dumped...starting over at 33!

So, where to begin, basically, here I am, 3 monthes pregnant, and alone. You would think, after 2 failed marriges with three older kids in tow I would have learned my lesson. I am not stupid. I am smart and successful, as a personal trainer. I have my own home a paid for vehicle, and 3 beautiful children,Alicia,15 India, 10, and Gavin 6. They are wonderful beautiful children. But here I sit, alone and pregnant again, you may ask, what anidiot how could she let this happen,truth is I wonder that myself. When I met A I thought I had finally met my soul mate.