Preparing for Baby

2 before 20

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So my first pregnancy was when i was 15 years old and it was during my sophomore year of high school. not really my fault or anything, just put myself in a bad situation but hey couldn't change the past. but i found out my child was gonna be a boy and i was happy. when i was 16 i had him. he was due may 1st but he came 2 wks and 4 days early. it was apr. 13th 2007. he was 7lbs 6 oz and 20.5 in. long. i named him trentyn xavier. his labor/delivery was really easy, only about 5 and a half hours long and with no pain meds and vaginal, with an episiotomy. i gained about 45 pounds with it.

Laiken's Gonna be a Big Sister

We have been trying to get pregnant since Nov 2008 and with every month and menstrual cycle that came it was always disappointing. But let me tell you know; Laiken's gonna be a bid sister! She is so excited and already says "baby mommies tummy!" It is so cute! She will be 2 in May and my husband and I can't wait for her to be a big sister and have a baby in the house again! I am a NICU nurse so I'm always around babies and infants but it's just not the same when it's not yours.

My first six weeks

My hubby and I have been trying to conceive for a while. It got to a stage where we put some strain in our relationship, because I expected him to perform any time, day or night. So we decided to take a break for a while. We made this decision beginning January 2009.

Imagine our surprise when I learned that I was pregant early in February. My husband remarked rather dryly that it was because I didn't put any pressure on him to perform like a circus lion.


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You're baby is a great size and growing normally.
You're baby is fed with food's that have more calorie's and less iron.
You're food craving's are the type of butter's,soda's and potatoe chip's.
You are most likely to have a tough labour because of you're babie's size.
You are a small height woman.
You seem to be having cold sinus's and flu's.
You are a clean and normal woman with virus's.
You are very active and wanting to walk around.

Knowing so early.

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This is my second child. My first is a boy, Noah, only 2 years. And i just found out this past Thursday that i am in for another one. The thing is, i'm only 3 weeks pregnant.

Its going to be a long road ahead. No coffee for the coffee fanatic, 80 ounces of water a day, eating as often as i can while running down my toddler in the house. It'll be a challenge second time around. But at least i know those twinges in my tummy are just baby nailing pictures on the wall of there new apartment. Hello Baby.