Preparing for Baby

Knowing so early.

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This is my second child. My first is a boy, Noah, only 2 years. And i just found out this past Thursday that i am in for another one. The thing is, i'm only 3 weeks pregnant.

Its going to be a long road ahead. No coffee for the coffee fanatic, 80 ounces of water a day, eating as often as i can while running down my toddler in the house. It'll be a challenge second time around. But at least i know those twinges in my tummy are just baby nailing pictures on the wall of there new apartment. Hello Baby.

When Does Baby Engage

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Dear Midwife,
Hi I'm 33 weeks this Sunday and this is my first baby so exciting, but this week I have been having pain in my pelvis especially on the left hand side like hes pushing down and the occasional pain which feels like a knife stab pain which can make me stop for a little while but only lasts a few minutes then gone.

Please can you tell me what this is and if its all normal.


Baby Names

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My fiance and I have picked out our boy and girl baby names already. It may sound soon but I feel it will really help us and our families not just call it 'the baby.'
The girl name is Emery Rose Basinger.
The boy name is Killian Miller Basinger

I have Post-Traumatic Stress

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Hi Dr. Laura,
I have Post-traumatic Stress. I know I have it.

I am still a child I consider myself to be because I'm still in the teenage years, I'm 19. So I was wondering could you tell me how to deal with this issue.

I got this from being in a car accident on May 2007 and suffered from eye trauma and I'm probably going to be on eye drops for the rest of my life.

Nic's Nerves

Our story, is probably not too rare.
My husband and I were married 2 1/2 years ago and decided that we wouldn't wait to start a family. My mother was extremely fertile so I never thought that I would have any problems conceiving. After 6 months I began to feel nervous. After persuading my Doc. to give us the battery of tests that they usually make you wait a year for we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Almost one year after our marriage we found that we were pregnant, and were over the moon. Unfortunately it was shortlived and at 6.5 weeks while on holiday I began to miscarry. I think I lost a large part of my heart that day. It took me a long time to get over it.

Over the next year, we tried chineese acupuncture which helped regulate my cycles and I took a mind body class which helped me get my emotions undercontrol. I began to meditate regularly listening to Jennifer Bloom's fertilty meditations and slowly came to a place of peace about our fertility journey.

I've had many thoughts over the past two years. I can't say how many times I've wished that the pregnancy test would just show positive. So many negatives, how hard would it be to have a positive! The month that I got pregnant after the first year, I knew I was pregnant before I checked the stick. My boobs were sore and I'd had funny aches in my tummy. I just new it, the test was just a confirmation.

In November I took a pregnancy test, not expecting any thing extraordinary and there it was...pregnant! I was totally suprised.

The next few days were long and painful, with every twinge I thought that I'd get a late period. I was terrified of loosing this one too. I booked an appointment with my Dr. but couldn't get in for a week. I couldn't imagine staying pregnant for an entire week! My fears were confirmed a few of days later when I felt that my boobs had got much less sore. I figured it was only time before I bled. I sat at work in my cubicle and couldn't stop crying. I had to excuse my self (via email so no one saw me) and went home.

I didn't start to bleed, but I did start to feel nauseus and my boobs got sore again. My Doc. ran some tests and said that my HCG was just fine and doubling on schedule. I was still pregnant.

I was really nervous about passing the 6.5 week mark that had been my miscarriage last time. Unfortunately it came over christmas surrounded by family. I was feeling really sick and would pretty much rather have been any where else as long as I could have been alone.