Preparing for Baby

Waiting Welton's

Today is Sunday, on Wednesday I thought I had a doctor's appointment. It turned out that it was supposed to have been on Tuesday; and I missed it! This made me really disappointed because we were told by Dr. C at last month's visit (when we couldn't find our baby's heartbeat) that we would definitely be able to hear it this time... I actually began to cry when the receptionist told me that Dr. C wasn't in and that I would have to reschedule our appointment.

My Journey

My husband and I decided to try for a baby and five days before my 30th birthday I found out I was pregnant. At first I was surprised since the only position we did was on top (don't be fooled by gravity). Then came fear and then excitment. Imagine throwing a big birthday bash for yourself and not drinking ;). Luckily no one noticed since everyone was busy mingling and getting drunk. As for me, I remained in my safe kitchen majority of the night. I am now in my 5th week and it is quite exciting. No hint of morning sickness yet...not that I want it but somehow I thought I might have it.

Waiting Welton's

Today was a big day...
Today started off as a normal day off of work. Throughout the day I was mostly relaxed. This evening we went to meet our new doctor. Dr. Conter has been my fiancée's doctor for a long time, and after I met him, I knew he would be the right doctor to help us welcome our new bundle of joy into this world. He is very personable, and approachable.

My Intro

I am getting a late start on this whole blog thing. But I think that it will be good for me so that it will keep my mind off of other things. I am 34 weeks along. I am going to my dr.'s appointment tomorrow so we will be able to hear his little heartbeat and check on his health. I feel like I am super fat but my friends and family keep telling me that for as far along as I am I am very small still. I have a wonderful fiance who is super excited. This will be our first child. It is a boy and we cant wait to hold him. When our son arrives he will be met by our two 4 legged children.