Preparing for Baby

Pregnancy 2

I found out last night I was pregnant. Brian didn't believe the test:) So we waited for the "morning pee" which is more accurate. That little test had 2 pink lines again:) Faint -but there! I'm very excited, thrilled, to be on this journey again. I pray the Lord will show me mercy and allow this pregnancy to be much smoother than my first. No headaches that debilitate me for days, allowing me to take take of my Theo and enjoy this summer with my family. I pray that this pregnancy will not be a burden to Brian with regards to finances.

The adventure of having a baby

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Ever since we found out that we were going to be parents my boyfriend and i have tried it all to prepare for the baby. We bought pregnancy books and we're doing great on this journey. We won't find out how far I am until May 18th. But i am really excited to hear my baby's heart. The news with our parents went well when we told them they were just disappointed but they are very supportive. I didn't know being pregnant was going to be like this. The morning sickness happen all through out the day and the fatigue is always there. But it's worth it. I can't wait to meet my baby

Day twooo!

Welp. Two tests from the hospital brought home from my boyfriend - both showed a line.
That's three positive tests.
Tomorrow is Valentine's I'll hit Planned Parenthood Tuesday (unless I find them open tomorrow) and get a doctor's opinion. That'll make it final and I'll start telling the families!