Second Trimester

Time is ticking away

So its getting closer and closer to when i find out what im having. Im starting to get really anxious, this is going to change everything. Im going to be able to call the baby a him or a her, and they will finally have their name. I still cant believe that I am having a baby, its almost a shock to me. My boyfriend and father of the baby is very excited! He says all the time how he just wants to go out and tell the world he is going to be a father. I cant wait ! I love every minute of being pregnant, the wait is the worse thing though. I just wish i could hold the baby now in my arms.

baby moving

So today i went to my boyfriends last basketball game. Im almost 18 weeks and not showing very much so im still able to jump up and scream for his team pretty normal. Today was the first time that I felt the baby moving around inside of me the whole time. Now it wasnt the first time I have felt the baby move just at one of his games. It was really cool because it was his last basketball game, and the baby was moving for his/her daddy.

How to get Pregnant

To give a birth to a baby is a wonderful feeling. It’s like touching the heaven. A woman is completed when he gave a birth to a baby. Some time it is difficult to conceive due to many reasons. If this whole process goes naturally without any problem it’s a good achievement in itself. Most of the women’s don’t know about " How to get pregnantHow to get pregnant". There are ways to help the process along, though.

Casting a Docu-series for Amazing, Pregnant Women! (Ages 18-30)

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I’m a Casting Director in Redondo Beach, California with 3Ball Productions (Biggest Loser/Beauty & The Geek). We are casting amazing, pregnant women (Ages 18-30) for a new, Docu-series. I would love to offer the opportunity to your group members! Contact me for more details.

Caroline Johnson-Stephens
Casting Director
3Ball Productions




Risks of Down Syndrome

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Dear Midwife,
I am 34 years old and currently 20 weeks pregnant. At 18 weeks I had an anatomical ultrasound (I assume this is also what is referred to as a level II ultrasound). The u/s doctor told me there were 2 EIF soft markers on the baby's heart and that my chances of having a baby with down syndrome were 1:220 or so. Immediately thereafter, I had an appointment with my OB who gave me a lot of good information. I then went for the AFP test. Those results came back as 1:5000 for down syndrome and 1:1000 for other trisomy birth defects.

Are you interested in prenatal yoga?

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