Second Trimester

Baby Natalie

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This pregnancy has gone by so quickly!! I'm already at the end of my 23rd week and Baby Natalie is going nuts in there. We found out about 4 weeks ago that it's a girl and she has an EIF by her heart but the doctor said that everything else in her development is popping up as a normal baby. I have an abnormal papsmear and had to do a col-op but she found nothing cancerous or pre-cancerous and says a vaginal delivery is in motion :) we'll see how everything else goes so far

20 weeks

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Hit the 20 week mark yesterday with mixed feelings. On one side I am so glad that we are at 5 months and according to the U/S everything looks good. But on the other hand, I haven't felt her move too much and I am not gaining weight like I normally do during pregnancy. Also, I just don't feel right...Don't feel very pregnant?

and the sex is.....

I dont usually write blogs. Its never been my "forte". However I felt like telling the world that I found out that I will be bringing a beautiful baby boy into the world in March. I know its not shocking news, however my husband and i have been dealing with some trying times and not the best of luck in situations. The one thing I would have loved was to have a boy...and my wish was granted(not that i wouldnt love my baby no matter what ladies;)) Just thought Id share with the www. Congrats to all those new motheres and expecting, Im right here with ya!! CONGRATS TO US

Fifth Pregnancy and Measuring Large

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Dear Midwife,
According to my last period, my EDD is Jan. 4th, 2010. That puts me at 28 weeks today. This is my 5th pregnancy, one of which was a miscarriage at 10 weeks. My last baby weighed 9lbs 12oz and my smallest was 8lbs 6oz, so we are expecting a larger baby. During the 21 week u/s he measured, yes another boy, 10 days larger which is no concern for me. However, at my last appointment I was 23 weeks and measured at 27. I know measurements can vary and aren't the most accurate but in all of my previous pregnancies, I had never measured large.