Second Trimester

gender prediction and conception date

this is my first scan and the tech says is likely a girl because of the three lines.(nena means girl in Spanish). the thing is that i have a problem with the dates. from what i was told if you are 16 weeks pregnant then your baby is 14 weeks approximately from the date of conception. well, my problem is that i was charting and i ovulated 24 days after my period, almost a whole month. does that puts my baby at 13 weeks from the date of conception and thus predicting the gender would be inaccurate?

Amusement Rides at 22 Weeks

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Dear Midwife,
I am 22 weeks and rode a ride that is a lot like the haunted mansion at Disney world yesterday. I thought it was a kiddie ride but forgot that there was one section where the ride spins for several seconds.

Will this cause the baby brain damage? How much buffer will the amniotic fluid give him? I didn't have any cramping or bleeding but I am really scared. I won't ride anymore rides until he is born but I am scared that the damage is done.

Long Distance Pregnancy

No one ever looks forward to a pregnancy alone. A pregnancy holds so many experiences to share with your loved one. We would all prefer our partner to be there every step of the way. However, becoming depressed and dwelling on your loneliness won't make the situation any better so during instead, try some of these tips on keeping busy and staying positive.

I'm new

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I'm a 21yo, 1st time soon-to-be-mom. I have Crohn's disease and so my pregnancy is high risk. I've had 2 surgry's related to the Crohn's,have had a few demeral shots due to bad migraines,I have pain that is on the sacrum that feels like it's a pinched sciatic nerve, and my dr. said that in the last ultra sound(profile pic), that I have placenta previa. So I need advice because I'm very worried and I have no idea what to expect.... If anyone has any useful information for me please let me know!!

Thank you,


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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I am currently about 18 wks 5 or 6 days pregnant. I have 2 kids currently and this will be my 3rd birth.

My first child I had at 26 wks due to a placental abruption with no known cause. My 2nd my water broke at about 36 wks.

I just had a ultrasound and they have told me that I have polyhydramnios. Is this something I should be concerned about?