Second Trimester

Rapid Weight Gain

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Dear Midwife, I am now 17 weeks pregnant and have gained a total of 20-25 lbs. I am 5'2 and my starting weight was 116 lbs. This is my 5th pregnancy and I have never gained this amount of weight before. I also cannot see where I have gained this weight. You would not even know that I am pregnant unless I have told you or you sit and stare at my small poked out belly. I have widened in the hip area and my appetie is out of control. I could eat all day, but I stop myself. I have taken my AFP test and it came back normal, therefore I assume it cannot be twins.

Introducing Myself...

I just wanted to say hello to everyone! I have recently become very active in online pregnancy communities after months of browsing around. Wink

My name is Angela and I am due with my second Child on October 11th, 2009. I would like to make friends and chat with other moms, and just be social. I am interested in everyone's stories, as well as sharing my own.

Week 25

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25 weeks and just a hair shy of 36 inches around. I desperately need to go thrifting again. It's been in the 80s all this week and I only have one tank top that fits me now.

We had another midwife appointment yesterday. Anita had called in sick so we met with the other attending midwife. Afterward back in the car I said to Curtis, "I'm really glad Anita is our regular midwife and not that other lady." Very nice person, but too hyper and almost nervous. I'm so grateful that Anita is just calm and mellow.

23 Weeks

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23 weeks and 34.5 inches around. Smaller than last time! I wonder if it changes depending on how and where Sid is lying.

The other day, Sid started kicking while I was watching new Tori Amos videos. During one song, he actually kicked in time with the music. Curtis said, "We have a drummer!"