Second Trimester

21 weeks

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21 weeks today and 33.5inches around.

We saw Anita again yesterday and went over some of the lab results etc. My iron is low, my blood pressure is also low, and my last urinalysis showed a high glucose content. My blood type is B+ so at least I'll never have to worry about the Rh factor being a problem.

The ultrasound tech estimated Sid's weight at around 11.46oz, back in week 19. Today I've been reading that average 22 week old fetus is 12 oz. ! My kid is huge.

19 weeks

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19 weeks and 33.25 inches.

We had out ultrasound Friday the 17th of April; it's a boy! An active, squirmy little boy. The doctor said he couldn't find anything to be worried about, and estimates I'm actually about 5-7 days further along than the standard estimate. Makes sense, since I tend to ovulate about that much sooner than they say the average woman does.

Ringworms During Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
I'm 18 wks pregnant and have ringworms all over my bottom and now down there. I have been to the doctor and he had prescribed me a cream but I believe it has only made it worse as they are spreading violently and look worse then before. I went back and told him and he said to just keep using it. It has now made its way up my belly.

Is it harmful to my baby if it gets inside (down there) and what should I do??

Week 18

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The tape measure says my belly hasn't grown, but my pants are definitely fitting differently this week. Perhaps my lower abdomen is filling out more to match the middle/top. Luckily Heather has promised to take me pants shopping this afternoon.