Second Trimester

2nd trimester venting

i dont understand this my husband was so excited when we found out i was pregnate, i was only 4 aweeks pregnate an he told everyone, i asked him not to being that it is personal an what if we lost it, it seems to me when it comes to the fun stuff..braging,touching the bump, going through names he's all for it, when it comes to understanding how i feel emotionally an with my body he just says rela

Adderall during pregnancy

Hello! I am 15 weeks pregnant and am on Adderall for ADD (and it also helps with my depression and anxiety). There is very little information available about this medication and its use during pregnancy. Before I was pregnant I took 30 MG a day (20 XR in the morining and a 10 MG in the afternoon). Now I just take a 20 XR during the week and nothing or a 10 MG on the weekends. I am curious as to whether anyone else is on it or was on it during their pregnancy and how things turned out.