Third Trimester

Old Wives' Tales of Pregnancy Exercise

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Dear Fitness Expert,

I have several questions about types of exercises can be safely done on an exercise ball in pregnancy.

Is it safe to put my tummy on the big ball to do exercises during the 1st Trimester?

I understand side crunches can be done on big ball during pregnancy. How about twisting of spine with legs on the ball (knees bent) while lying on a mat?

Adderall during pregnancy

Hello! I am 15 weeks pregnant and am on Adderall for ADD (and it also helps with my depression and anxiety). There is very little information available about this medication and its use during pregnancy. Before I was pregnant I took 30 MG a day (20 XR in the morining and a 10 MG in the afternoon). Now I just take a 20 XR during the week and nothing or a 10 MG on the weekends. I am curious as to whether anyone else is on it or was on it during their pregnancy and how things turned out.

32 weeks

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To get this far in pregnancy is a miracle because it took us 3 years to finally become pregnant.
Now she's almost here its so hard to believe im finally gonna be a mommy yay im soo excited .
She's soo active n never lets mommy sleep. Seems like just when i get comfortable and turn off the lights for the nught she wakes up lol i also read newborns keep there wake n sleep pattern from when they were in the womb.So i guess im not ever gonna get much sleep but its okay im jus soo eager to see my lil one.I'll keep you updated every week till she's born