Third Trimester


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Unexpected back pain during a contraction! Awake at 2:50 am; hungry, had to pee, Sid started moving around, suddenly got hot. As I sat up I felt a twinge in my back, to the left side, that quickly grew very intense as I went through a contraction. Lasted through my trip to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, coming out. Had to lean my hands on the counter and just breathe for a second. Totally new; my contractions have never been painful before.

Another at about 1:30 pm! Normal painless contractions in between.

Long Distance Pregnancy

No one ever looks forward to a pregnancy alone. A pregnancy holds so many experiences to share with your loved one. We would all prefer our partner to be there every step of the way. However, becoming depressed and dwelling on your loneliness won't make the situation any better so during instead, try some of these tips on keeping busy and staying positive.

Hip Injury Before Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
I joined the military and came back from training with hip fractures that healed, but now am having problems with my hips.

I can no longer lay down let alone sit at all. My hips have been hurting to the point where I can't move my legs on my own, I have to physically pick them up to move them if I'm doing anything else besides just walking on a flat surface.