Third Trimester

2 before 20

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So my first pregnancy was when i was 15 years old and it was during my sophomore year of high school. not really my fault or anything, just put myself in a bad situation but hey couldn't change the past. but i found out my child was gonna be a boy and i was happy. when i was 16 i had him. he was due may 1st but he came 2 wks and 4 days early. it was apr. 13th 2007. he was 7lbs 6 oz and 20.5 in. long. i named him trentyn xavier. his labor/delivery was really easy, only about 5 and a half hours long and with no pain meds and vaginal, with an episiotomy. i gained about 45 pounds with it.

Why Would Baby be Behind 2 Weeks?

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Dear Midwife,
After 4 ultrasounds I am still confused as to why my Doctor cannot explain to me what is happening...Maybe I don't understand.

My Doctor states that I am measuring at 28 weeks but the measurements retrieved from the ultrasounds show my baby is 2 weeks behind schedule on it's growth. She states it's nothing serious to worry about. Baby is growing at an average rate. It is simply 2 weeks behind.

What would cause this? And should I worry?

29 weeks and ready

I'm 29 weeks and my pregnancy is very healthy. I am very happy that its healthy because with my first son I was in and out of the hospital and gave birth 5 weeks early. This time around I have not had any complications. I am just really tired and have really bad heartburn and having a very hard time sleeping. I am so ready to give birth but i still have 8 to 10 more weeks. I just want him to be born healthy. Then I'm concerned that Caleb is going to be too big for vaginal delivery, I definately dont want to have a c-section.