Third Trimester

Why Won't They Just Induce Labor?

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Dear Midwife,
I am 37 weeks. My doctor said I was totally effaced and dilated to 3. The plug came out a week ago. The baby's head is engaged. I have been experiencing diarrhea. I am 41 and this my 5th baby. I have never continued labor without Pitocin. Every time I go to hospital they send me home.

My contractions have gone on for months. Lately I have had contractions down to 3 minutes but they send me home. What should I do .They tell me don't come back until you are in severe pain. I can barely walk with this baby's head engaged and am in pain.

Constipation During Pregnancy and After the Birth

The experience of pregnancy and childbirth has long been described as miraculous. Constipation is commonly associated with pregnancy and the period directly after the birth. The problems, although part of the miracle of birth, can make you feel less than miraculous! Here are some very simple things that help alleviate constipation during pregnancy and in the post-partum period.