Twins and Multiples

Do Three Sacs Mean I'll Have Triplets?

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I am almost 32 years old. My first pregnancy ended with a D&C on due to a blighted ovum.

I conceived approximately 2-3 weeks later. My first set of levels revealed high progesterone and an HcG of 46. I had the HCG re-taken five days later and it rose to 851.

Since I'd had a previous miscarriage and was not having a regular menstrual period prior to conceiving, my OB/GYN brought me in for an early sonogram. It which showed 3 gestational sacs measuring 5 weeks.

Are you interested in prenatal yoga?

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Twins are Different Sizes

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Dear Midwife,
I found out via ultrasound on October 28th that I am pregnant with identical twins (in the same sack). On 10/28, the larger twin (twin A) was measuring 5 weeks 6 days with a faint heartbeat. Twin B was smaller (I don't know how much smaller), and no heartbeat was detectable. 5 days later, on November 2, I had a follow-up ultrasound b/c of bleeding. Twin A is now measuring 7 weeks 4 days, and twin B is measuring between 5 weeks 6 days and 6 weeks 1 day. No heartbeat for twin B yet.

Dream Foretelling of Twins?

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Dear Ms Ultraound,
For my first question. My first u/s was at 21 weeks. Would it be possible for them to have missed seeing another baby? I have had some twin feelings and am constantly being asked if I am having twins.

Also I have a question about dreams. All through my first three pregnancies, I had constant dreams about having twins. No twins yet, but this pregnancy I haven't had one twin dream. It's kind of strange to me and wondered if it means anything.


Morning Sickness with Toddlers and Baby

Here I am at 8 weeks and the sickness has kicked in full force. What is really difficult, is trying to manage the sickness and fatigue while still taking care of 3yr old twins and an 8 month old baby. Exhausting doesn't seem like a good descriptive! My husband is a teacher so he's back to school this week. Now I'm really on my own. I think the worst part is the guilt of not being able to give the twins and baby my full attention and myself at best...with energy and a willingness to play, teach and enjoy my kids. All I want to do is sleep or cocoon myself on the couch!