Unexpectedly Pregnant

Just Found Out

I found out yesterday (March 1st) that I was pregnant with my first baby, It was definitely unexpected I'm still getting used to the idea that me a regular 19 year old girl am pregnant.
My boyfriend whom I live with and of course the dad is so very supportive he is going to help me break the news to my parents.
We are both so excited my guess is that I am only 2 weeks pregnant I'm pretty sure I got pregnant on valentines day-haha that will be a story for the kids-I just want to know what I am having already.
We have already started making a list of baby boy and baby girl names.

Here we go again...

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Well, here I am sitting here wondering what exactly my baby is doing & how he/she is growing thus far. I didn't think that I could get pregnant again as I was told by my dr that I had a syst on my ovary(found out when I was diagnosed with pneumonia), was devastated as I was hoping to have had one more before I retire my womb for good. I have to admit that when I found out I cried because of the fact I already am feeling the "old" thing kick in as I will be 41 by the time that this baby is due, and tend to overthink what could go wrong because of my age.

ok well here i am now what....?

Oks o now what...im 18 pregnant and just here... Just found out yesterday too...ITs set in today... yesterday was just kinda odd...didnt really know what to do or to say to anyone but the family for the most part knows... I mean what do i do now do i go to a wic office do i try for public assistance...I just dont know all i do know though is i refuse to give up on my baby this is my hunni know even though i just dont know what to do at this point...


So I found out I was preggers on Jan. 23 2009 and I already have a 2 and a half year old and no money! I was not able to have kids "medically" but look what happened. Now I'm scared that things won't be good and the situation will be worse than what it is. I hope it all works out. Tomorrow we go to the hospital to find out how far along I am and now I'm scared. Didn't sleep all night and extremely worried. My husband was shocked and speachless so lets wait and see what time will bring us. Hopefully it's a girl, we have a boy so now we need the girl.

Never give up!

Hi everyone, my name is Terrie im a 34 year old mom from Austin. I wanted to share my story because its been a true miracle that i am even writing this. A little history about me i got married young and had my son who is now 13 (going on 14). A couple years later i decided that i would try for #2. I got pregnant so easily with my son that i thought it would be a slam dunk.. Well, the weeks turned into months turned into years... I tried EVERYTHING you can think of eating super healthy, exercise, herbs, accupuncture.............Nothing.

maybe pregnant

i usually start my period on or after the 24th. i started this month about 3 days early or so i think i did. all month i havnt felt normal. i have been experiencing bloating,weight gain, breast seem bigger and sore, dizzy, cramping, tired. is possible to have a period the 1st month u become pregnant? i have taken a test on the 22nd but it was negative. when is the best time i should take one? what are other signs i should watch for?

Merry Christmas

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It was Chrismas Eve while my boyfriend Jordan and I were having a bit of an arguement after church. He had been talking about us getting married and since I'm only 19, I have a lot I want to accomplish before I feel ready. After all of the arguing we were both exhausted from fighting but still had energy for other things haha. Needless to say,a week ago I found out i was pregnant with the possiblity of twins. Iwas nervous at first but with jordan's help and support I'm so willing and ready to do this.