Unexpectedly Pregnant


So I just found out that I am pregnant, about 6 weeks along. It's an extremely unexpected pregnancy, and for my roommate/ex, an unwanted one. He's 19, not even 20, and for a while when we had talked before he had said we can't get pregnant because he can't have a kid at 19. Ever since I told him he's been blaming me for getting pregnant, saying I wanted to, that I'm one of those psycho girls who gets pregnant to keep their boyfriend around, and that I want to f*ck his life up.

Hello baby, goodbye highschool

My Highschool life was a blur. an enjoyable and slightly too fast blur. I am the baby of my family so i walked in the rather large foot prints of my siblings. My sister Kate Is very pretty and very determined. if she wanted it she would work until she got it. Varsity Volley MVP and captain, choir star, and soccer allstar. along with student body president, homecomming queen AND prom queen. she was also a high honoroll student. our brother Will played football and was noticed by all the girls. he was like by all the teachers and basically owned the school. I didnt do so badly my self.

What will happen now?

I don't know if I'm pregnant or not. I'm a college student and am 20 years old. Almost 21. I have not started my period yet and I'm very worried. I don't know what will happen should I be pregnant. My boyfriend is amazing so I have no question if he'll support me or not. I know he will! But this will change everything! We were so careful, I'm still not sure how this is even possible. I'm on birthcontrol and we used condoms every time. Yet, I've been on birthcontrol since I was seventeen and NEVER been late. I always knew the day I would get my period and it always started.

How Im Dealing with My Pregnancy

Hi! My name is Camille and Im 19 years old and currently a collage sophmore. Im also 3 1/2 months pregnant! I got pregnant by my ex-boyfreind who I had been with since our sophmore year of High School, but he went away to school in California, and we broke up, but I found out I was pregnant a month after he left, and I never decided to tell him. I know I should, because he is the father, but I've heard that he has moved on in California, and decided not to bother.

swing and a miss

I found out that I was pregnant almost 9 weeks ago.

An unexpected baby, but the father was a close friend and we decided we could give a baby a happy healthy family.

We started discussing names, looked at houses in great areas, even started talking about private or public schools.

I spent all day everyday, starting at week four, puking. Even gave baby an "in the tummy" name so it wasn't "it".

7 weeks in I miscarried.

Now all I do is cry for my baby.

Parenting Kids & Dogs

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After having already had three children and a houseful of dogs and cats I pretty much thought I was prepared for our fourth baby, Kelsyann. I'm an experienced Mom right?!? This should be easy.

Well boy was I wrong! From the beginning Kelsyann has been a needy baby. Nothing that worked with the others seemed to work for her. This has been interesting, frustrating and challenging at best!

I'm Pregnant!

Today, I found out I was pregnant. I cried so hard. The first thing I thought about was how shitty my situation is right now. Not in school, working at 711, don't even have a car, we have a messy little one bedroom apartment and NOTHING in savings. We're about as unprepared as u can get. But I'm happyish. I just want to bring this little baby into the world safely. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it's healthy. I called my Mom after hours of trying to figure out how to tell her. And I just said, "Mom, I'm pregnant.