Unexpectedly Pregnant

How important is the Father?

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Through a series of unfortunate events, I found myself blessed with being pregnant. The only problem is, the "father" is an emotionally unstable man that I cut off all communication with. My mother, a RN and long time veteran of the labor and delivery wing, has informed me that I *need* to contact the "father" and get important medical information from him, like his blood type (I am rH negative in my blood and I need to know the chances that my baby will be positive).

Pregnant and Single in the City

So I'll be 32 in October and quite possibly having a baby on or around my birthday, if it happens to be the other possibility, n november. It was definitely unplanned, but am well-off, not working, and live a generous lifestyle in a nice area of the city. I really have no family, no brothers or sisters, and would be doing this all on my own - but am used to doing everything alone, and as of now have 2 cats and a pug puppy and me living in a luxury 1 br condo.

So I thought it was just a UTI

I knew I had not felt well the last week, but I just thought it was a UTI. It was confirmed on Tuesday, April 28 that it was, in fact, a UTI that had made its way to my kidneys. I described my pain more specifically to the PA, who said she thought I probably had a kidney stone. She said to wait it out a day and see how I felt on Wednesday. With an RX for antibiotics and pain relievers, I went home and took my meds. For some reason, I just knew there had to be more.

We caught the egg!

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It's official! We caught the egg during last months ovulation! I was shocked to see the 2 very distinct lines on the pregnancy test Wedneaday morning. I had had some brown spotting that started Tuesday and carried over into Wednesday, so I assumed it was AF starting up again. But, I just seemed to have this gut feeling that I was in fact pregnant, which surprised me since I was not counting on getting preggo again so soon after the m/c. So, I ended up testing on Wednesday morning and both lines showed up right away!

Porffor Plus One

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Well here I am, 37, mum to a dear daughter who has just turned 10 - literally a few days after we conceived. Smile We are foster carers and have been for 5 years now, and adopted a lovely little girl who is now 4 and a half. We are fortunate to have such wonderful daughters and have a wonderful relationship with them both.

Well here i am again!

Well here I am again, Baby number 3 on its way! Its ironic really as I was trying for Jay my youngest for 2 1/2 years, planning sex like a military operation, ovulation kits, lying with legs up against walls, you name it I did it!

We'd more or less given up as the doctor said we only had a very small chance of conceiving naturally due to my partners low sperm count but, as in a lot of cases when we'd lost hope our little miracle came along.

Day One.

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Oh wow! Pregnancy test last week came up as negative, with still no sign of period and after a restless night last night i figured i might re-test. To the surprise i am pregnant ! AHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHH!
Now i just have to tell mum :S

peace. Holly.