Working During Pregnancy

Placenta Covers OS - 18 Weeks Pregnant

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
Hi, I had bleeding and strong BH contractions after intercourse with my partner which lasted for 2 days. I'm 18 weeks pregnant.

My scan says this..

The placenta lies mainly on the left lateral wall, however it covers the internal os. No obvious hemorrhage seen.

As my placenta covers the os, what are the chances of it moving by the time I am 38 weeks? I know that 90% of LLP move enough for a normal birth, however as mine covers the internal os are the chances still as high?

Work and Pregnancy

You have a job. You're pregnant. Is your job dangerous for your baby? The workplace may pose certain risks, depending upon the occupation. Knowing what these risks are and minimizing them will help increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy.

Keeping Safe and Comfortable on the Job

Years ago, women were expected to resign from their jobs the moment the pregnancy test came back positive, but today, pregnant working women are as much a part of the modern office as the computer and the fax machine. While most women are able to work through their entire pregnancy, There are some situations in which you may want to consider leaving work early or requesting some modifications to your working environment.