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E.g., 12/05/2016
E.g., 12/05/2016

35 wks LMP (33 wks gestation)
Baby weighs 5.25 pounds or 2383 grams.
Baby is 18.19 inches or 46.2 cm long
Baby is almost completely formed now!


Do you have your bag packed? Your baby's? Don't forget to pack a few things for your labor partner, too!


Fetal movement starts to slow a bit as the uterus begins to get full with baby. If you suspect that baby isn't moving as often as he/she should, call your health care provider ASAP.


Things are getting cramped inside for the baby! Soon it's time to come on out and join us! Have you visited your birth group yet in our community?


Don't forget to get a car seat to bring baby home.


Some cultures have baby showers and others have parties for mom. It's best to wait until the baby is born to buy gifts. Please be sensitive when planning a surprise shower.


Rubbing cocoa-butter or vitamin E gel on your belly soothes itchiness and can help with stretch marks.


Lunar Month 10, 36 wks LMP (34 wks gestation)
Baby weighs 5.78 lbs or 2622 grams. Baby is 18.66 inches or 47.4 cm long.


You'll start to go to your prenatal visits once a week now. Keep doing those Kegel exercises! This will help strengthen your vaginal muscles to help in the birth porcess and it can help with bladder control.


This is a good time to purchase the necessary nursery items if you're ready.


If your baby hasn't already, this week your wee one may drop into the birth canal. While breathing for you becomes easier, walking may be the exact opposite! If this child is not your first baby, this "lightening" may not occur until right before labor.


Dad accentuate the positive. Remind your partner that she's beautiful and that you'll both make good partners and parents.


Baby grows over 1/2 ounce of fat/day now. Don't be surprised if you gain a pound a week at this point.


Breathing may become more difficult as the baby grows and gives your lungs less room to expand. You'll be able to breathe easier once baby drops down before birth.


37 wks LMP (35 wks gestation)
Baby weighs 6.30 lbs or 2859 grams and is 19.13 inches or 48.6 cm long.
Earliest date for full-term birth


Personal Reflection: "When I went to my week 38 visit, and my ob/gyn announced, "you're considered full-term now," we knew it was just a matter of time..."


It's time to find a pediatrician. Referrals are a good way to find one you're comfortable with.


Baby settles in under mom's pelvis. This process is called "lightening" which makes breathing a little easier for mom. Baby's new position doesn't stop her from kicking and punching.


Take some special time with your partner or spouse now, before the baby comes. Veteran parents, get a sitter!


Planning on using cloth diapers? You can make your own, or contact a service.


Only 10 percent of women's water break, but if yours does, call your healthcare provider to prevent infection.


38 wks LMP (36 wks gestation)
Baby weighs 6.80 lbs or 3083 grams and is 19.61 inches or 49.8 cm long.


Baby might begin to drop farther towards the cervix. You'll walk easier but have to urinate more often. Darn all that water...


Birthing rooms are a nice alternative to a regular hospital room. Ask if there is one available.


It's time to quit work if you can. Take these last couple of weeks to prepare for your birth.


Research baby-related products carefully before buying. Check out our Product Reviews area!


Baby may have a full head of hair now an inch or more long! Don't be surprised if it's an unexpected color. Some blond couples have dark haired babies; some dark haired couples have red-haired babies.


Finding it hard to wait for baby? Schedule some mommy treats while you wait. It'll give you goals and things to look forward to in the meantime.


39 wks LMP (37 wks gestation)
Baby weighs 7.25 lbs or 3288 grams and is 19.96 inches or 50.7 cm long.


Personal Reflection: "I took breastfeeding, Lamaze and pain management classes -- it boosted my determination to give it a try, and I'm so glad I did."


The lanugo has mostly disappeared, but you'll probably find a bit on your baby's shoulders, arms and legs and in those protected little bodily creases. It will vanish completely on its own in time.