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Fisher Price Portable Booster Seat

heatherz's picture

This was one of my favorite products as a new mom and also the second time around. It is washable, easy to fold up and take with you, or even just keep in the trunk of your car. It successfully keeps your child upright and at the table for meal times at friend's houses or at restaurants. It really works well as a high chair at home too. We got so much use of it. Easily washes down and folds up after use. Also, extremely reasonably priced. This goes on my top 10 supply list for any mom.

6 - Highly recommend

Book: Breastfeeding Around the World

A new bi-lingual book, "Breastfeeding Around the World / Amamantar alrededor del mundo," communicates through stunning pictures and simple text the importance of breastfeeding and how it positively impacts the development of a baby.

"The sweet, tender images of mothers breastfeeding their babies evoke that very special feeling only a mom knows as she nurtures new life," writes Edie Wiltsee, MPH, MS, CLC, Program Director, Monterey County (CA) Health Department. "This book is sure to make a lasting impact in the hearts of women everywhere."