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SwaddleBuddy Sack

The SwaddleBuddy Sack may look like other ready made swaddles in that it has a leg pouch and it’s all one piece, but it has the SwaddleBuddy patent-pending arm wrap feature and due to it’s design, it’s impossible for baby to kick out of!

The arm wrap keeps baby's arms at his/her side and is "bust-proof" for those wiggly swaddle houdini's.

Comes in a variety of colors and sizes as well.


Take Your Pix® Board Book Photo Albums

Take Your Pix® photo albums (patent pending) by Board Book Albums, LLC have sturdy cardboard pages, into which photos can be inserted from openings in the top of the pages. Unlike traditional photo albums, Take Your Pix® board book albums have thick rigid pages that won't bend or tear, so they're perfect for kids to handle (like children’s board book storybooks). Here are some key features:
• Sturdy pages that will not bend or tear
• Albums are free-standing and perfect for display
• Easy to flip through pages
• Notches on page edges facilitate page turning

6 - Highly recommend

Little Looster Potty Training Step Stool

The Little Looster potty step stool is a potty training essential in our house! It never needs to be moved around the bathroom (like other potty stools and boosters). Mom and Dad can use the toilet while standing or sitting without needing to move it out of the way.

It definitely helped my three-year-old have much more confidence while trying to be independent and toilet train.

6 - Highly recommend

Undercover Mama Nursing Tank Top

The new Undercover Mama Nursing Tank makes ANY top a nursing top. It's super practical and affordable considering you can ditch the huge maternity wardrobe...and stick with one (or a few of these) to wear on their own or under your regular shirts to make ANY shirt function as a nursing shirt. They come in a large selection of colors and sizes. They simply clip on to the nursing bras that you already own. Great mom-invented product that makes maternity shopping a bit more affordable!

6 - Highly recommend

Bobee Diaper Stacker & Wipe Dispenser

The Bobee Diaper Stacker & Wipe Dispenser is one of those "why didn't I think of that" products! It's so simple to install and it gives you more space in the nursery because it is no more diapers and wipes on the floor or in changing table it can be in a convenient spot so that you can grab your diapers & wipes with one hand and still hold your baby in place with the other. It's mom-invented and mom-approved! We love ours and my older daughter loved decorating it with the included decals.

6 - Highly recommend