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Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor

We used the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor computer for 7 cycles. It showed the uptake in hormone levels and then showed the little egg for ovulation. After the 6th cycle we consulted with an RE, started Clomid, went through an IUI, and are now waiting to see what happens.

This is the information I want to pass on.

3 - Acceptable, might recommend

"Being Dad" DVD

The "Being Dad" DVD is the perfect gift (even to yourself!) for all expectant parents. Dads-to-be will appreciate hearing the truth from those with been there, done that experience! Moms-to-be will find it a terrific way to engage their partners in their pregnancy with humor, candor, and a refreshing frankness sure to capture their attention.

6 - Highly recommend

Bumbo Baby Sitter

Bumbo Baby Sitter - great investment. Does require supervision!

No assembly required. Easy to clean! It is excellent for young 3 mo. - 4 year olds! My children use it to watch TV. I use it to help feed baby. It helps if you have a high chair and baby wobbles around. Very simple product, but for me it has been a life saver! Great investment!