16 Week Ultrasound Shows Anomalities

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
My sister is 16 weeks pregnant and had an amnio yesterday. The results are pending; however, the technician indicated that only one kidney was visible, limbs are one week delayed, the liver was enlarged and there were calcium deposits visible throughout the baby. The baby's heart is perfect and the baby is very active. The cord is also only showing one out of the three arteries.

Any ideas? Obviously this is causing great stress for all.

Thank you for your answer.


It's sounds like your sister had quite a thorough ultrasound. I have not ever seen calcification's throughout an entire fetus. I would have to look this up. Unfortunately, I am on vacation for the next 2 weeks so I will not have access to my reference books until then. Also, I have never, ever seen an enlarged liver in a 16 week fetus. These are unusual findings and I'm not sure what they mean.

The one week difference in what was probably the femur length, is not unusual and the one kidney in itself is not worrisome. Many people are born with only one kidney and live long healthy lives.

Your sister sounds like she has a 2 vessel cord. There should be 3 vessels in the umbilical cord. This finding does not always mean there is a problem with the fetus, but does alert the physician there could be a problem and that follow up ultrasounds, amniocentesis (already done) and further blood work should be ordered.

I would imagine she will have a follow up ultrasound to see if these findings are still apparent and if so how they have progressed. The best advice I can give, is to just wait and see what the amnio results show. If the amnio is fine that's good news and the findings on the ultrasound still need to be followed.If you find a moment I would love to have a follow up to the calcification and enlarged liver possibilities.

-- Jane, RDMS