23 Weeks, And Still Barely Showing

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I'm 23 weeks pregnant, and I'm finding it more and more strange thatthough my baby is kicking like mad daily, and I'm being able to see her kicks already, that I'm not showing,.... at least to me. One of my hopes during my pregnancy was to be able to have the massive pregnant belly that screams my good fortune, and yet I feel gypped.

Could it just be me, adjustng to the gradual changes and not noticing? Or could it be due to the fact that I'm carrying high (or so say alot of my friends)? I hate feeling fat, instead of pregnant, is there anything I can do to progress belly growth? Help?


Belly shape is a function of both genetics (yours and your husband's and therefore the baby's) and how well you take care of yourself. Your primary job is to exercise, eat a healthy pregnancy diet and build a healthy baby, whether you "show" or not.

Are you measuring correctly at your prenatal visits? Did you have an ultrasound in the last few weeks and was everything ok? Has your weight gain been about 12 pounds so far? If so, you (and the baby) are doing exactly what you need to do.

If not, you need to get with the program already! :-).

In either case, I'm betting that you will have a nice "bump" when it's time to do the belly cast and take the pregnancy pictures -- good luck!