6 weeks 2 days - 2 Gestational Sacs - 1 Yolk

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
At 6 weeks I was sent for an ultrasound where they found 2 gestational sac - one with a yolk and one without. Neither had a heartbeat. According to the doctor at the Hospital she didn't think it was a case of possible miscarriage but that she believes its a case of early pregnancy. Now my family doctor wants to send me for another ultrasound when I will be 6 weeks 4 days...Is this too early to detect a heartbeat at all? How long is usually long enough until they assume that the other sac is actually a blighted ovum? I had heard of one situation where there was no development on a third sac until the lady was 10 weeks along...Please help!!


Hello, 6 weeks plus should show a heartbeat when usuing a vaginal probe. On occasion if you are on the smaller size and the ultrasound equipment is good, you will see a heartbeat when scanned with a full bladder, trans abdominally (on the skin)

When waiting to determine if a pregnancy is growing, I like to wait at least 10 days to 2 weeks. This allows for growth that can be measured on an ultrasound. After 10 days you should appreciate a heartbeat if the pregnancy is growing.

You would never have to wait to 10 weeks to see a heartbeat on ultrasound. I think there may have been a communication lapse on the lady you heard about.

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--Jane RDMS