Is This a Subchorionic Bleed?

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I'm 6 weeks and 5 days. On my first ultrasound, they found a little bit of bleeding under the placenta but didn't tell me if it's bad or not. Should I be worried?


I think you have described is what is called a subchorionic bleed.

The gestational sac has layers. Picture the layers of an onion. Now imagine a small pocket of water in between two layers.
It is not actually the placenta that has the bleed, as the placenta has not formed at six weeks.

A subchorionic bleed is quite common an usually resolve itself in the first trimester. Most doctors let their patients know that they may have periodic spotting. This is always scary. I know! is a part of having a subchorionic bleed. They may suggest that you take it easy so the bleeding does not continue.

You might have a few short-interval follow up ultrasounds to assess the bleed and make sure it has resolved itself.

As long as they explained the bleed to be small, I would not worry about it!

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Jane Foley RDMS