Abs Need Help After C-Sections

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Dear Fitness Expert,
The mother's apron! Good name for it! Ha! I call it a fanny pack! I so much want to get rid of this without surgery. Can anyone help? I had 2 c-sections, the last 7 years ago and I do lower abs from Denise Austins video, 3-5 times a week.


All women report this to be the very hardest to get rid of and, sadly, the majority of moms never quiet rid themselves of the fanny-pack! But, understand this, it's not because it can't be gotten rid of...it is because it is so very hard to get rid of.

Yes, it can be done.

After breastfeeding, our breasts return to normal size but the mid-section fat remains. Sadly, it doesn't matter how many times we try to tell our bodies we are living in modern times, our bodies operate as though we are still living as berry and nut-picking gatherers in prehistoric times. The body never knows when we will be having another child and wants to hang on to that fat reserve for safe keeping.So, we cut calories and exercise. Still, it never seems to be enough and, as a result, many quit in disgust. In reality, it isn't what we are doing but how we are doing it. As we live in a super-sized nation, it is hard to reduce our calorie/food intake. No-carb diets are not the answer. Instead, smaller portions of food/six times a day with a tough cardio exercise routine.

While biking, spinning, swimming are all excellent ways to fight fat and sculpt the body into pre-baby form, studies have shown the best fat buster for the mid-section among new moms is good old fashioned jogging. Women who participated in a two month study in which they ran 9 to 12 miles a week (again, for two months) reportedly shaved inches and fat from their mid-section they were unable to do with other exercise routine. So, before you give up, dust off those running shoes and get ready to burn fat.

-- Alex