Activity Idea For Small Kids on Thanksgiving

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We're having the whole family over for Thanksgiving. There are several little ones, ages 2 to 8. I need a project to keep them busy. Do you have a suggestion for me?


The Milk Jug Turkey Game is just what you need! Here's how it works:

Prepare the Turkey

Wash an empty plastic milk jug and cut off the top section where the lid attaches. (An adult can do this with a craft knife.)

Paint the jug, adding wings and a red gobbler. Glue a pom pom to the top of the handle for the head and add giggle eyes and a construction paper or craft foam beak. Cut tail feathers from construction paper or craft foam pieces and glue them to the back.

You may want to have the turkey jug already prepared. Or you might want to have it as a pre-dinner activity with the game itself as after-dinner fun.

Play the Game

To play a game, stand above the turkey and drop pencils or clothespins and see how many you can get inside the turkey jug. Hold the pencil or clothespin in your hand and place your hand at the level of your nose while standing over the jug. Dropping the item from "nose level" makes the game fair for all ages.

Have fun and let me know how this works for you.


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