Agreeing on a Birth Plan

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My partner wants a hospital birth complete with an OB/GYN. My preference is a home birth with a midwife but I was willing to compromise on using a birth center. He's not budging.

What are some ways that I can help him move away from this sterile birth experience to one that I'm more comfortable with other than just telling him "I'm not doing it!" and creating another war?

I get that is how his sisters and friends' wives delivered but this is MY birth experience, too!


I recommend watching Orgasmic Birth, available through the website. It is a great way to see the natural way of birthing both at home and in a hospital.

He's probably petrified that something may go wrong and you'll be stuck at home. It may also be worthwhile hiring a doula to come and spend an hour with you both to talk about home birth. She would be someone who is non biased but can answer his questions. He may also be more comfortable with a home birth if a doula was present.

I understand his concerns, given its your first birth. Chances are he will be more open to a home birth for number two when he is more relaxed about the whole process.

Hope this helps!