Am I Fertile?

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Dear Midwife,

I know the most logical thing for me to do is to probably visit my gynecologist, but I can't get an appointment for the next two weeks, so I have decided to try and get some information from you.

I have a history of irregular menstrual cycles. Over the past year I have only had three cycles. I have visited with my doctor several times this past year and have been given medication that would cause my cycle to begin, but once off the medication, my cycles tend to stop coming. I do spot very little each month, but I feel as though I can hardly consider that an actual menstrual cycle. So, my question is how hard will it be for me to conceive seeing as though I must not be very fertile do to the lack of menstrual cycles? I'd appreciate any and all information you can give me on this matter.


In order to conceive, you need to ovulate, and in most cases, you need to menstruate. If the medication is helping your to ovulate, I would certainly take it!

Good luck.
-- Cynthia, CNM