Anterior Placenta Pads Fetal Movements

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Dear Midwife,
I am 21 weeks pregnant, and am only 18, so am very cautious and worried about everything. I was told that you are supposed to feel your baby move a lot by now, to the point where it's even little kicks. I haven't felt a thing that I can accept as baby movement. Am I just not perceptive enough? Or is he really not kicking me?

Someone said it may be that he's just a very still baby, but in the ultrasounds he is always squirming around and they can never catch the right thing cause he's just so active. Even then, I can't feel it and the doctors say I should..

Should I be worried? Is it normal? Can I do something to feel him move more?


I would be willing to bet two cents (my max) that your placenta happened to "plant" in front (anteriorly), which is just fine. But what happens then is that the baby has to kick through the placenta, which acts like padding, for you to feel anything, and the baby is still too small to kick hard enough.

Usually by 22-23 weeks, the baby is big enough to kick around the edges of the placenta and that also solves the problem.

Do me a favor and ask your provider where the placenta is the next time you have a visit, and let me know either by writing back or coming to Live Chat in January. I want to know about my two cents!

If the placenta is in front, that explains why you aren't feeling kicks yet, but trust me, enjoy it while you can because your turn is coming soon!

-- Cynthia, CNM