Anti-e and Strep B

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Dear Midwife,
I am 23 weeks pregnant with my third child. I had two very straightforward pregnancy with my previous two children, apart from a breech which ended up in a caesarean.

This pregnancy has been problematic since the very beginning with cramping and red bleeding on and off during the first trimester and constant headaches(despite normal blood pressure).

During routine blood tests it was found that I have developed antibodies (anti-e),as my husband's blood and mine are incompatible, even if we are both RH+. They think some of my blood got mixed with my second child's at delivery.

I spoke to the GP and she depicted quite a worrying scenario (e.g. possible intra-uterine transfusions/possible hospital stay). However the hospital consultant does not seem as concerned, saying that the anti-e level is low and baby should me monitored and tested for jaundice/anemia at birth as a precaution.

My previous two children also had strep-B in their belly buttons (cured with antibiotics),so I'm told my delivery will be monitored and I will have to be on an anti-biotic drip. Maybe I should feel reassured, but this time around I'm very worried. How common are these problems? And is the baby likely to be poorly at birth?
Thank you.


I haven't seen your whole chart, so I could not say for sure, but I would tend to go with the consultant, who has much more experience with such cases than the GP.

Both jaundice and anemia are relatively straightforward to deal with in most cases, especially if caught early, so even in the worst case, I'm thinking your baby would probably be fine after treatment.

As for the Group B Strep, using antibiotics during labor will protect your child, as long as you get the first dose at least 4 hours prior to delivery. So that shouldn't be a problem either.

Of course, there is no way that I can give you a guarantee, but it sounds to me like you are getting good care, and that these problems are ones that can be dealt with, if they even arise. Good luck!

--Cynthia, CNM. PhD.