Anything Besides DNA Testing For Paternity?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I was wondering if you could help me. About a year and a half ago my girl friend and I were going through a break and I had a sexual liaison with an other girl. I call it that because I tried to have sex with her but couldn't maintain an erection; it lasted for about a minute and I stopped I did not ejaculate.

This girl is now trying to say that I am the father of her child. This incident happened on the 19th of January and on the the 27th of March she had a U/S which told her she was 13 weeks pregnant, I have seen her obstetric records and her LMP was 23/12/. I was also told by another person that she had slept with someone else around 2 weeks before me on the weekend of the 4th of January which she denies.

I know you will tell me to get DNA which I am in the process of doing at the moment. I just thought you could give me some advice.


Yes, I am going to tell you the only way is DNA testing. What I can also add, is the text book version of dating a pregnancy.

Dating starts from the 1st day of a woman's cycle. On day 14th, conception is expected to happen. This means that on day 14 a woman is considered 2 weeks pregnant. From the dates you have given me, on March 27, with a conception date of Jan 19th, the pregnancy should have been 11 weeks 3days.

Hopefully this gives you positive hope and you still need that DNA test.

-- Jane, RDMS

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