Are All Vitamins and Minerals Okay During Pregnancy?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
Are there any vitamins or minerals that should not be taken or taken in small doses when you are pregnant? I take a multivitamin / multi-mineral called One Source for Women (a Walmart brand) and would like to know if I can continue to take it if or when I become pregnant.

D. King


You need to be taking prenatal vitamins as most women do not get enough folic acid and iron in their day to day diets. While taking a multivitamin is a great idea, your body needs to have a little extra while pregnant.

The major complaint against pre-natals is that they often make pregnant women feel a little sick to their stomach or "I burp it up all day." Take the pill with a glass of milk ten minutes before you go to bed. You won't have to taste the prenatal while you are sleeping and, because you are less likely to drink water and run to the bathroom during the night (at least, not as often as in the daytime), your body will be able to absorb more of the minerals and vitamins!

Having said all this, it is a good idea to discuss your vitamin/mineral plan with your OB/GYN and find out if you are anemic. More than 40% of American woman suffer from anemia and don't even know it. The side effects are fatigue, listlessness and, in more extreme cases, headaches, dizziness and [mild] loss of motor skills.While your baby will take everything s/he needs from your body, you want to be sure you are as strong and healthy as you can be. This includes being able to fight common colds, flu and infections.

-- Alex