Are There Stomach Exercises I Can Do While Pregnant?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I'm pregnant with my second child and I haven't got rid of my stomach from my son. I'm wondering if there are any exercises I can do while I'm pregnant and after to make my stomach smaller.


In a word -- no. I'm sorry to give disappointing news but this is not the time you should worry about reducing tummy size. This is a very common concern among moms and the good news is -- there are plenty of things you can after the baby is born. Right now, to do exercises specifically geared to your abs or reducing calories is both futile and harmful to the baby.

Now, you can do moderate exercise and watch your junk food/soda/sodium intake to keep your body from gaining TOO much weight during pregnancy. I have worked with women who came out of a pregnancy the same weight (and in a few cases a few pounds lighter) they were before. It is important that you 1) talk to your OB/GYN about this and 2) get a referral to a certified nutritionist who has worked with pregnancy women before. Together you can work out a great diet plan that will leave you energized, healthy, and full!

Beyond that, enjoy your pregnancy. Focus on having a healthy baby and we'll talk again after baby is born for working away your mommy tummy!

-- Alex