Baby Has Large Ventricles in Brain

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
My wife and I are expecting. We just heard from our doctor yesterday. He said that we need another sonogram because our baby had large ventricles in his brain. What does this mean? Is our baby OK? I can't find any information on the Internet.

Please reply,


Hi Shannon,
Many times on an ultrasound we find that there are measurements taken that are at the upper limits of normal or slightly above. The ventricles in the brain contain cerebral spinal fluid. Sometimes there may be a little more than is normal When a follow-up ultrasound is ordered it usually means the discrepancy was slight and they want to look at it again to make sure there hasn't been a significant change.

If when you go back for your follow-up ultrasound, they are still bothered about the size of the ventricles, you will probably be referred to a specialist, a perinatalogist. This kind of doctor can monitor the baby much better. What they want to rule out is hydrocephalus. This is a back up of the fluid the runs through the spinal canal and into the ventricles in the brain. There are many, many reasons for this kind of problem. I won't touch upon them because I feel your time would be much better spent creating a stress-free and worry-free Mama. These kinds of things usually end up to be nothing and you find you have wasted precious life worry about a what if.

-- Jane, RDMS