BCP Failed or Something Else?

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Dear Midwife,
Beginning of Feb I came to the end of my Microgynon 30 pill pack and the very next day I was due to start Dianette instead (i was advised to have no pill break).

Well stupidly I didn't realize at the time but I took some St John's Wort to cheer me up only, took 1 x 3 times a day for first and 2nd day then increased this to 2 x 3 x times a day by 3rd day, anyway then I noticed some cramping and some brownish discharge mixed with very egg white stringy cm, So I read up on it and then realized that the St John's Wort could have stopped pill from being effective - so i stopped taking the St John's Wort. Discharge and cramping continued for 2 more days.

But on 7th of Feb went for a meal for a birthday and woke up Sunday morning (8th) with gastroenteritis caused by food poisoning at where I went for meal! I had acute diarrhea and eggy burps for 4 days. The diarrhea was lots like running water (not good) and had the tummy pain associated with it, but was not sick, but horrible egg burps. This subsided by 11th. I was still taking dianette, although not sure what good that did.

Now it is 17th and for the last 3 days I have been urinating allot. I went 10 times yesterday and it was a normal wee, not dark, but clear/pale yellow, and considering I have been going so often you would think there would not be much to pee out! But there is. I have no pain when I wee, no other discomfort, so I do not think it is a water infection.

But As I am weeing a lot, slight headaches,sensitive nipples, also been feeling nauseous, was actually sick in the evening on 15th. Nausea is on and off. my bowels are back to normal, if sometimes a little hard to 'go'. Could I be pregnant?

I did a HPT yesterday (16th) and it was negative, but I have another HPT left when should I test again?

I have no idea when my last proper period was as I have been on the pill. Was the bleed I experienced just breakthrough bleeding or implantation (if thats even possible) or classed as a period?

One way or the other until this is resolved i.e. pregnant or period, my fiancé and I have agreed to stop the pill. (we would like to be pregnant and have discussed it) So what now? I was on Microgynon for 2 months before recently switching to Dianette.

Sorry for the long email but any thoughts on this would be great - Thank you for your time.


Starting and stopping pills is a good way to get pregnant.

I'd suggest testing every two weeks until your periods straighten out and you pretty much know when you are ovulating and menstruating. Then you can test the day after you miss a period.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.