Big Baby Risks?

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Dear Midwife,
Hello, I just wanted to ask. I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant (counting tomorrow) and my baby was measuring just the right size up until the 28th week. Now my doctor is saying my baby is a bit bigger than the average, 29weeks and 1 day measuring 1540grams. My current weight right now is 66kg, I was 59kg before I got pregnant.

Would there be any risks for my baby because he is a bit overweight?


Oh puh-lease! Of course we don't want you to gain too much weight (you haven't) or for the baby to be gigantic (it's not). But having attended the birth of a 100-pound first-time mom who wore size zero jeans and who pushed out a 10# 1oz boy (that's more than 10% of her weight) without an epidural or a stitch, I'm thinking you'll do just fine!

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.