Birth control impact on HPT?

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Can birth control affect the outcome of a pregnancy test. I have been taking my birth control off and on but feel that I may be pregnant. I've taken a few urine tests but they all come back negative. I've not really had a period since January/ February.


Birth control cannot affect the outcome of a pregnancy test. If it is negative, you are not pregnant unless it is too early to register, but even then, the test would be positive in four more weeks at the very latest.

It sounds like you are not consistent in taking your pills? If that is the case, this is definitely not the method for you. Those on birth control should not miss more than 1-2 pills per year for this method to work properly and not mess up your bleeding pattern. If you were having regular periods before you went on the pill but now you are not, it is probably because your body got confused with your "off and on" pattern. I would suggest that you explain all this to your midwife or other provider and request a different method if possible.