Bleeding and Cramping at Nine Weeks

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This is my first pregnancy and I am nine weeks along. Until this morning I haven't had any morning sickness. This morning I was pretty queezy for about 15 minutes and then it passed. I also have not had any cramping or bleeding at all up until today. When I went to the restroom I noticed some light colored blood. I thought nothing of it until I went to the restroom again and there it was. I began to worry a little bit. Later this evening I am now feeling light menstral cramps come and go and the small amounts of light blood are still there when I wipe after urination.

I have not yet had a confirmed dopplar reading or unltrasound done. Should I consult my doctor or ask for an ultrasound to see what might be happening?

Thank you for the advice!


ANY bleeding during pregnancy should be reported to your provider promptly. Based on your answers to questions, it can be determined what the next steps should be.

Tiny capillaries on the cervix can break easily during pregnancy, resulting in small bleeds that do not affect the pregnancy.

But there are several other possibilities that can be more concerning, so all bleeding should be reported.

Hopefully, all is well!