Blighted Ovum

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Dear Ultrasound Expert,
I recently was diagnosed with blighted ovum. I am confused and disturbed. I went in to my OB excited about the possibility of being pregnant. I was approximately 6 weeks at that time. I was seen that day and an U/S was done. The technician advised that there was no baby yet but it was still very early. I was rescheduled for a second two weeks later.

The technician did the second U/S and said nothing. After she finished she took the results to the doctor and he came into speak with me. He then told me that everything was there for a baby but no baby. He said that it was a blighted ovum and I had three options - schedule a D&C, take medicine, or allow my body to handle it naturally.

I was a bit taken back and upset. He then asked to take blood work to watch my hormone levels and to come back in three weeks. If nothing happens in three weeks he can do another U/S and we can go from there.

I am not open to having a D&C, I feel if my body will handle this naturally I want it to do so, but what I am facing is everyday wondering when will it happen or will it ever happen and could he be mistaken. How could everything be there for the baby but no baby.

My uterus is tilted and I am wondering if that could have anything to do with it. I feel normal and I have started gaining weight. My appointment is scheduled to go back in about two weeks now. If nothing happens between then (no miscarriage) could it be a misdiagnosis or is there risk of deformities / abnormalities with the baby increased.


A blighted ovum or empty gestational is actually quite common. On occasion preimplantation or early implantation results in the the loss of the embryo. The gestational sac may continue to grow but the embryo does not. When the ultrasound is done, all that is seen is a small empty gestational sac.
Please know that a high percentage of pregnancies that do not progress in the early part of the first trimester are because of chromosomal changes. Many times nature knows when things aren't just right and the pregnancy will stop growing.
Most of the time the body will spontaneously abort the gestational sac. There are cases where this does not happen and a D&C must be done. The longer you leave the gestational sac in the uterus the higher the incidence of infection or complications becomes.
I know it plays on your mind, knowing and waiting and wondering. I personally have gone through this so I can relate.
I know you were confused and disturbed by all this. I wouldn't worry at this point about future pregnancies or your tilted uterus. A tilted uterus is a variation of normal and does not affect anything.
With regards,

--Jane RDMS