Boy at 10 Weeks? Is It Possible?

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
Yesterday my wife and I saw her OB/GYN and he made an interesting observation while doing an ultrasound. He said he wasn't positive, but it looks like the baby is a boy. She is only 10 weeks it possible? Looking at the ultrasound (and we have pictures) there definitely is a mass in between the baby's legs...


Hello, Wow, I can't believe someone would attempt to predict gender at 10 weeks. It's just not possible.I would let all that go for now and wait for the 16 plus week ultrasound.

The baby is then completely formed and if all the circumstances fall into place, like an experienced Sonographer, a good ultrasound machine and a favorable body type (the thinner the better) gender can be determined.

With Regards,
--Jane RDMS